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The Benefits of Family Law Mediation

Getting married is one of the most special moments of your life. You make a vow that you will spend your life with your partner. This is a huge commitment and one that most people believe will last. However, as we all know, circumstances can change, and you may end up separating. This can be a difficult process, especially when there are children involved. To get through this difficult time, family mediators can help resolve disputes.

What is Family Law Mediation?

Mediation is a way of assisting couples who are separating. An independent third party can help both parties make informed decisions. The mediator provides a safe setting so discussions can be civil and productive. Nowadays, families are encouraged to have family mediation before taking a dispute to court. Since mediators are neutral, they can help both sides; providing solid advice and suggestions so both parties can take appropriate actions. They will also help with the financial problems associated with a separation. A mediator can provide essential information during this emotional time.

What Happens During Family Mediation?

Every situation is unique, so a mediator is trained to deal with all sorts of problems. When anger and emotions run high, it can be difficult to resolve issues. A qualified mediator can help both sides understand what needs to come next. Their main role is to help separated families come up with a plan that everyone is content with. The most difficult aspect is often deciding on a parenting plan for their children. When all the decisions are complete, the mediator will help to write a proposal. Then the solicitor can complete the legal parts of the proposal.

Parenting Plans For Children

One of the most difficult aspects of separation is defining parental responsibility. A mediator can help separated parents come up with a parenting plan, which can help avoid difficulties further down the line. The plan should outline each parent’s role in the upbringing of the children. This might include sleeping arrangements and how to schedule holidays and special occasions. It is also important to discuss how you will communicate with the children in the future. A parenting plan can include payments and expenses that will crop up in the future, as well as cover situations that may occur in the event of new partners. Deciding on things such as schools can also help avoid complicated issues later.

Getting Help

It is best to seek mediation services as early as possible in the event of a separation. Norton Peskett Solicitors have been providing legal services for over 180 years. Built on the core values of professionalism and integrity, our team can help with family mediation. Early family law mediation can reduce hostility and save expensive court battles. It also sets a good example for children when you work together to resolve issues in a civil way.

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