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If you are carrying out any sort of business abroad, such as buying, selling, renting or leasing property or dealing with a will or inheritance, you will almost certainly have to present documentation to foreign authorities. For commercial transactions, perhaps involving companies, you will often need to prove the existence of a company, its articles and the identity of its directors as well as the fact that the directors are authorised to sign something on the company’s behalf. This is particularly important for companies setting up branch offices or agencies abroad, or wanting to open foreign bank accounts.

Almost all countries require these sorts of documents to be signed in front of a Notary Public in England.

A Notary’s job is not just to witness your signature. He must ensure that you understand the document and that it is in accordance with what you intend. He must confirm your identity. In the case where you are a director or secretary of a company, he must verify that you are duly appointed as a director or secretary and that you have authority to sign the document on the company’s behalf. This may require a check at Companies House and sight of a board resolution authorising the transaction. English law has particular rules as to how a company signs documents and the notary will ensure that these are complied with.

He will clearly explain all the requirements and answer any questions you may have. He can also arrange any necessary translations and will explain all the timescales and costs from the outset, keeping you up-to-date throughout every stage. Many documents also require legalisation at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and sometimes, depending on the country, at that country’s consulate.

The first step is to give us a call and if possible email us a copy of the documents which need notarising. You will have to have a face-to-face meeting with the Notary, when you will need to bring the document unsigned along with your identification.

Notarial services include:

  • Witnessing the signature and execution of documents
  • Authenticating contract documentation
  • Verifying company articles and certificate of incorporation
  • Authenticating documents for immigration or emigration purposes
  • Certifying documents relating to buying or selling a property abroad
  • Certifying identity documents, including changes of name, status, and good standing
  • Verifying and certifying copy education qualifications for work abroad
  • Legislation of documents through the Foreign and Commonwealth Offices or any other relevant embassy/consular office
  • Certifying the powers of directors
  • Declarations for marriage abroad
  • Powers of attorney
  • Bills of exchange and shipping protests
  • Taking oaths, declarations and statements for court and other proceedings abroad
  • Validating sponsorship declarations to support applications for visas or permanent residence
  • Arranging translations from foreign languages to English and vice versa

If you’d like more information about how we can help you, please call us and speak to our Notary Public.

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