What we also see is that a great many people come before the courts with alcohol readings that are not high, and where offences have been detected the 'morning after'. Offences that can be said to have been committed perhaps more out of ignorance than a wilful disregard for others. A single error of judgment with devastating consequences.

What is a safe level of drinking if I propose to drive?

No alcohol is the safest level as it ensures that when you get behind the wheel, your reactions are not impaired to any degree at all. Crucially it also prevents the guesswork that brings so many people before the courts. Urban myths such as '2 pints are ok' have long since been proved to be false, as have back of the envelope guesses as to how long it takes alcohol to leave the body. Different people will deal with alcohol in different ways, and even this can vary for a single person depending on a multitude of factors. Merely feeling OK to drive is not a reliable indicator as to whether you are below the legal limit or not. As we get merry, we reach a tipping point; we can make foolish choices that will prove costly, sometimes not just measured in financial terms but in injury and even loss of life.

You do not hear a lawyer say this often - but we do not wish to see you this Christmas. Think, before you drink and drive.

How we can assist

If you do find yourself in trouble, there is a lot we can do to assist. The police must follow complex procedures to establish a case against you – we can ensure that this has been done. We can also investigate issues such as 'laced drinks' and 'special reasons'. Well-presented mitigation can make a real difference to the outcome and even where a disqualification cannot be avoided, we can often achieve a reduction in length.

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