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We know that not everyone can afford to pay for a Lawyer and that some people prefer not to do so. If you are acting for yourself in a family case you may feel as though you have fallen through the looking glass and into a strange world of Court hearings, complex forms and a whole new language. We would not be surprised if you felt completely overwhelmed by the complexity of the whole situation.

Perhaps you feel that you might just need a little help now and again to be able to understand what is going on better and to get the best results for you and your family.

We can help. We can give you advice to clear some of the myths and to help you with key points in the proceedings. We can offer a tailored “one off” service.

You can ask us to give you advice on a particular issue, prepare or check a document such as a Witness Statement, Financial Form or Consent Order. You might want us to help you prepare for a final trial or Court hearing. You might wish us to represent you at Court on a “one off” basis. We can do any of these things for you often on a fixed price. Once we have finished the work that we have agreed our commitment to each other ends and you are free to continue with no further fees from us.

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