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What you need to know about our Personal Injury Claims and Conditional Fee (No Win, No Fee) Agreements.

If you are injured in an accident which has been caused by the negligence of another party you may be entitled to compensation. The accident may have occurred on the road, at work, upon the property of another or in a public open space. In order to be successful in a claim for compensation we have to prove that:-

  • Your accident occurred within the last three years (different limits apply to children).
  • The responsible party owed you a duty of care.
  • The responsible party were in breach of that duty.
  • That the breach of duty caused your injury and subsequent loss.

If successful in proving these elements Norton Peskett can seek compensation for you. There are two types of compensation, the first being known as General Damages which are for the injury itself and the second called Special Damages which are the losses that you have incurred as a direct result of the accident. These can include loss of earnings, medication/treatment expenses, travel expenses incurred and any other related expense. We may also be able to help with rehabilitation should this be required.

Your injury may have left you unable to work and you may be worried about funding a claim. Norton Peskett understand this and we can offer advice acting on a Conditional Fee (No Win, No Fee) basis. What this means is that Norton Peskett will not charge for the work whilst your claim is on-going, but when your claim successfully concludes we will receive a success fee which will not exceed 25% of the compensation you are awarded inclusive of any VAT, meaning you are guaranteed to receive at least 75% of any compensation awarded to you. Providing we assess your claim as having prospects of success at 50% + and can continue to do so throughout the claim then we are happy to continue your claim on that basis. If during the course of the claim we consider that the prospects of success fall below 50% and on our advice the claim is discontinued we will not charge you for the work carried out. This means that there is no financial risk to you.

There are no hidden charges, as we will recover the main part of our fees from the Defendant when the claim is successful. We may, however ask you to take out a policy of After the Event Insurance which will offer protection from potential risks to you in certain circumstances and will ensure we can fund the disbursements incurred in bringing your claim. The premiums for such insurance are in the region of £200 and again are only payable upon successful conclusion of your claim and as such would be deducted from any compensation awarded to you. As the premiums are “self insured” they are covered in the event of an unsuccessful claim and therefore again there is no financial risk to you.

Norton Peskett have experience in a wide range of claims and can offer advice for personal injury, psychological injury and disease claims.

Norton Peskett offers free first advice, if you think you may be entitled to compensation or if you would simply like to discuss a potential claim then please contact our Personal Injury Department on 01502 533000.

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