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Accident At Work Claims & Work Place Disease

Having an accident at work may show that your employer has failed to carry out their responsibilities properly. Norton Peskett can help you with a claim if health and safety laws have not been followed.

Accidents happen – when they occur in the workplace, the question is whether it could have easily been avoided? Making a claim against your employer can be worrying. It is their legal responsibility to keep you safe at work. Has proper training been carried out? Are risk assessments regularly undertaken? If you suffer an injury that results in time off work or loss of income, you need legal guidance with any claim you make.

Claiming compensation for an injury is how Norton Peskett can help. We ensure we understand what happened and how seriously your employer carries out health and safety activities. Injuries can sometimes be mental, not simply physical. We talk with you, free of legal jargon, and agree what actions to take, likely costs and timescales. You may require further medical examinations but we keep in contact with you throughout. Our aim is to achieve the best possible outcome for you.

Work Place Accident Claim Solicitors

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