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Arrangements for Children

Whatever the reason for the breakdown of your relationship you will want to make your children central to your decisions and protect them as much as possible from the effects of your separation. As hard as you might try however, sometimes problems arise that you and your partner simply cannot agree on. Perhaps you cannot agree who the children should live with or how much time they should spend with each of you. Perhaps one of you wants to take the children out of the country or you cannot agree on schooling or other important issues.

These problems can arise at any time even long after you have separated. We aim to help you sort out these difficult issues by offering sensible, practical advice and support. Where necessary we can correspond with your partner or their Solicitors. We will advise you about Mediation and Collaborative Law if these are an option.

Where, despite all of your best efforts, you still cannot reach agreement you may have to ask a Judge to make a decision for you. We can help you through this process dealing with Courts and preparing all of the paperwork that you need. We can represent you in Court and advise you on your options.

Problems over your children can be amongst the most upsetting things to deal with on your own. We are here to support you.

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