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Criminal Defence Solicitors

Our Partner led Criminal, Regulatory and Motoring Defence Department covers all aspects of criminal law and has been involved in many of the highest profile cases in our area.

Anyone who is being investigated or prosecuted, whether it be for the least serious motoring offence or the most serious criminal offence, ought to have specialist representation to prepare and present their case. With over 100 years combined experience our team will ensure that you are always appropriately represented with the right level of support for your needs.

We acknowledge that being arrested and/or taken to Court can be a very unfamiliar, stressful and daunting experience which is why our Team are always on hand to help. We ensure that we provide representation for anyone being questioned by the police 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and have advocates in the local Magistrates’ Courts and Crown Courts on a daily basis.

Irrespective of the offence you need to know what will happen, the strength of the evidence against you, the time it will take, your options, the cost of representation (including whether you are eligible for legal aid) and how best to ensure you receive the best possible result. Our Team is here to help you with each of these aspects. Our expert and experienced lawyers successfully handle a wide range and large number of cases annually providing professional, skilled and experienced representation. We will only ever speak to you in simple, plain English, making sure you understand what can be legally and technically complex and make sure you are kept up to date throughout your case. We are thorough and diligent with our ultimate objective being to ensure that you have been provided with the best possible representation whatever the stage of your case.

Motoring offences are a particular area of specialism for us. Losing your driving licence can have a serious impact on both your family and work life. The use of modern technology by the police on our roads means that more people are finding themselves in trouble, facing offences that can result in points, disqualification, fines and even imprisonment in some cases. Road traffic law is an increasingly complex area which can make defending yourself difficult especially when you are anxious about the potential consequences of your case. We can advise and assist you with representation at Court ensuring you get the best possible result from your appearance.

Contact us today on 01502 533020 (Lowestoft), 01493 849206 (Gt Yarmouth) or 01603 510905 (Norwich) and let us help you to help yourself with your case.


Criminal Defence

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Criminal Defence

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