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Divorce health check

Are you planning to issue your own divorce proceedings? We can help you.

We offer a divorce healthcheck service. Call to see us before you start your divorce application and we will;

  • Check that your divorce application is correct
  • Advise you on the divorce process
  • Discuss arrangements for your children, if you have them
  • Advise on Parenting Plans
  • Discuss any financial arrangement
  • Advise on how to make any settlements safe and effective

Your consultation will be confidential and we will prepare a report in clear English confirming our advice so that you understand the next steps. There is no ongoing commitment to instruct us unless you want to do so.

Our healthcheck makes sure that your divorce will go ahead smoothly and helps you spot any problems ahead of time. It offers peace of mind that your post divorce arrangements are safe and secure. If there are any problems with these we can flag them for you and can offer guidance on what to do.

The divorce healthcheck lasts up to one hour and includes our written report follow-up for £250.00 plus VAT. To make an appointment for your healthcheck please contact your preferred office or complete the online referral form.

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