As an Employee or Employer you may have the need for representation in an employment tribunal. The circumstances that lead to this decision are hugely varied and can be relatively simple to very complex. The tribunal could last from half a day to a week so the cost will also vary.

The only way to accurately estimate the cost is for you to come in and discuss your particular circumstances so that we can see firstly if it is worth pursuing and then what we estimate the cost would be.

Typically making a claim through to a hearing will cost around £3,000 and additional cost will depend on the length of the tribunal itself and will be based on an hourly rate of £255 plus VAT.

In many cases we are able to offer employees a no win no fee where you only pay our costs if we are successful.

Typically a matter takes 4 months from claim to tribunal, but of course this can vary depending on the complexity of you case.

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