Family mediation is a process where an independent third party (the Mediator) assists couples to find options and reach proposals to resolve issues arising as a result of their separation, in particular children and finances.

Mediation can help married couples, unmarried couples and family members.


  • Reduces hostility and tension
  • Helps you make informed decisions that are appropriate for your circumstances
  • Keeps communication open between you and your partner
  • Saves the cost of expensive court battles
  • Helps children by showing parents working together and resolving issues


The Mediator will provide a safe neutral setting for discussions and exploration of possible arrangements to suit you both.  Mediators can also give you information to help you decide the best way forward.

When you are both content with the decisions you have reached, your proposal is then approved by your Solicitor who completes the legal formalities.

The Courts now expect people to see a Mediator and consider mediation before taking a dispute to Court.


Legal Aid is available.  They and any charges you may have to pay will be discussed at the first meeting.


Alexandra Stephenson is a qualified Mediator.  Mediators are trained to deal with emotional situations involving upset and anger.  Family Mediators understand that clients are dealing with complex financial issues and difficult emotional issues.

Mediation is available from all our offices.

If you would like to find our more please contact Alexandra Stephenson on 01986 835638.


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