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Data protection

In today’s world, information is everywhere. It is more available and accessible than it has ever been. How you manage other people’s information, or data, is subject to certain legal obligations. Norton Peskett  protects you by ensuring you protect your data properly.

The law requires you to protect other people’s personal information or data. Knowing what counts as personal data is important, as is how you manage or process this data, how you store it and what you need to do when you receive a ‘subject access request’. Showing that you are a responsible business is important. Data protection legislation can seem complicated. The language is unusual, confusing even. We understand that you just want to run your business. However, not knowing is not an excuse. Part-and-parcel of what we do at Norton Peskett  is to make this simple for you.

We provide easy to understand advice on what you need to do, and how best to do it. To protect your business, contact one of our friendly, expert solicitors today on 01493 849200.

Data protection

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