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We will ensure that the following documentation/information is obtained from the builder’s legal team and will report to you accordingly. We will provide you with copies of the necessary paperwork at an early stage to ensure that any enquiries you may have can be dealt with promptly to ensure that there is no delay further down the line.

  • Planning permission – clearly we need to be satisfied that planning permission has been granted and will check whether any conditions have been or will be complied with.
  • Building Regulations consent
  • New home warranty – Most major developers subscribe to the National House Building Council (NHBC) scheme which offers a 10 year “Buildmark” warranty. Other developers may subscribe to similar schemes such as the Premier Guarantee Scheme or LABC warranty. The warranty is designed to cover defects in the property which arise within the warranty period. A new home warranty will certainly be a condition of any mortgage.
  • Estate Roads – The new estate roads, footpaths and sewers are likely to be adopted (become publicly maintained) at some point in the future but we will advise you as to maintenance and repair responsibilities until such time as this takes place.
  • Easements – the contract documentation must provide all rights required for your use and enjoyment of the property including rights of way over the estate roads/paths until adopted, rights in respect of services for example, water, drainage, gas, electricity and telephone. You will also need a right of access onto adjoining properties for the purpose of maintaining and repairing your own property and service media.
  • Restrictions / Covenants – these are usually imposed on new build properties and will affect not only your plot but all properties on the development. There will usually be restrictions against extending or altering the external appearance of the property, carrying on a business from the property and parking commercial vehicles and caravans outside. You will be responsible for complying with the covenants from completion and we will therefore ensure you are made aware of these obligations at an early stage.
  • If the property will have the use of common areas such as open spaces, play areas or shared private accessways, many developers will set up a Management Company to be responsible for future maintenance. If this is the case you will be required to pay an annual maintenance fee to the Management Company.

Throughout the transaction we will also liaise with you and the lender in respect of your mortgage offer to ensure that any conditions can be complied with, to include any additional requirements under the Help to Buy Scheme.

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