Did you know that no matter how long you have lived together as a couple the law will not give you the same financial and maintenance rights as a husband and wife? There is no such thing as a common law husband and wife and your separation cannot be dealt with in the same way as a divorcing couple.

You may need help around property ownership and trusts. Some of the law on this dates back hundreds of years. If you have children together this may affect the way financial matters can be dealt with too. In the same way if your partner has died without a Will you may find that you are left with little or nothing because of your unmarried status and that you need advice on the difficult issues around challenging a Will or claiming against an estate.

Happily we can probably make this complicated law a little more straight forward and guide you through to the best solution that we can.

If you are unmarried and have concerns about issues regarding your children it makes very little difference whether you were married or unmarried when it comes to children matters. If you would like to know more about dealing with problems concerning children click here Arrangements for children.

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